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AM Tech Networks is one of the leading affiliate network, delivering performance through high payouts and returns.

We are expert in customizing offers and campaigns according to clients needs. We have hundreds of offers worldwide with thousands of active leads.
Campaigns Delivered 2144
Active Publishers 1534
Verified Leads Last Month 55,282
Active Clients 105

AM Tech Ads Network

AM Tech Ads is not your regular ad network. With it's self-serve traffic platform, AM Tech Ads allows advertisers access to premium and high performing traffic inventory, granular targeting and multiple optimization capabilities.

Native Ads

Native ads helps in engaging your audience across countless apps and websites. With its high converting native advertising, you can guarantee a seamless experience for users without changing the form and function of a website.

Pop Unders

Pop-Under Ads for Desktop or Mobile Devices help advertisers in driving high converting traffic to your website and delivering great results by seeking the lowest price for the targeted visitors directed to their website, landing page or application.


Keyword targeting options help in maximizing your ad's exposure to specific customers who are likely to be interested in your products or services. With Keyword targeting ads, it is ensured that your ads are shown only at specific areas to deliver high effectiveness.

What we offer

AM Tech Networks believes in building relationships by monetizing your offers and campaigns.


AM Tech Networks understands requirements of our clients through web promotion in terms of monetizing website traffic, driving sales or finding more customers. Web based offers can be promoted on CPA, CPL or CPC Basis.


Mobile Marketing is an integral part of AM Tech Networks. We work with a healthy mix of publishers of both innovators & creators who drive traffic to mobile campaigns with strategies for mobile display and mobile remarketing.


Cost per Action - CPA

Cost per Action (CPA) programs offer the ability to generate significant revenues with the optimized traffic. A publisher can generate a much higher revenues if he has quality traffic.


Cost per Lead - CPL

Get paid for every click a visitor made. Share your text and banner links with targeted customers on your websites, social media pages and blogs.


Cost per Click / Visit- CPC/CPV

As an affiliate, have access to thousands of our offers and get highly paid for every lead you made. We have the highest payout per lead in the industry.

Our Clients

We have a large database of satisfied clients worldwide. We value our clients and always interested in new partnerships.

Meet Us

We like traveling and visiting different conferences. We would be visiting the following conferences and if you are interested to meet us, drop a message and we can schedule a meeting.

We are here to Help You

Marketing Solutions That Work

Our affiliate management team work around the clock to solve your queries. We are happy to serve you. Post your queries and we will revert back within 24 hours.

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